We are a firm dedicated to giving you the best possible means to run your business efficiently.

Management Team 

Marie Basaraba, CMA - President

Marie is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with over 20 years experience in computerized business enviornments. She has successfully set up and trained  businesses from all types of industries. Her in-depth knowledge of accounting and financial systems will greatly assist in setting up your new or existing accounting system properly and training your staff.

What is a CMA you ask?

A CMA is a professional accountant that is trained to teach people how to effectively manage their business, whether it’s a large corporation or an independent small business.  We are experienced in solving problems in both the management area and the financial accounting area of your business.

 CMA- the “M stands for Management

 Darrell Heathman – Training Co-ordinator & Marketing Manager

Behind the scenes Darrell’s extensive post-secondary educational background and business experience is an asset in the design of relevant scope and sequence for effective training courses.